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ABT VW Polo Short Review

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ABT VW Polo 

At the same time the Abt springs reduce the vehicle's side tilt, hence granting additional safety and sporting driving behaviour especially in fast corners or sudden shifts in direction. The car responds far more sensitive to steering activities and is more agile in handling. However, the optimization of the driving dynamics is especially remarkable.

Thus, making the Polo look more vibrant and granting perfect road holding. The progressive-operating springs lower its body by 35 millimetres. Thanks to Abt Sportsline's sport suspension springs, the new Polo is made even safer and sportier in particular. The rear wing does not only make the Polo look sportier but also grants increased down force on the rear axis. The newly designed front grill and front spoiler lip give the Polo a dynamic and stylish look.

  Abt Sportsline has created an extensive aero dynamic package for the new VW Polo which accentuates its sporty design.

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