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Danga City Mall Autoshow 2011: Waja 湾岸 Midnight Club

Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome to Long's Photo Gallery. Most of the Proton Waja autoshow car will be installed with bodykit to imitate another type of car such as Evo, Skyline etc, those Waja does not looks like a Waja.

Waja 湾岸 Midnight Club

Here is a Waja which still maintained its original look of Waja. This Waja does not installed with another sport car theme's bumper and bonnet. It just adding some skirts and diffusers.

Waja 湾岸 Midnight Club

Although it does not undergoes extreme bodykit modification, but it looks very nice. The 湾岸 Midnight Club theme make it attractive!

Waja 湾岸 Midnight Club

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