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Audi A4 Wagon Review

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New 2012 2013 Audi A2, comes with a 1.8-liter 170-horsepower engine that can break even bumpiest roads. Audi A2 3.0 T models have a 3.0-liter power plant, which makes nearly 50 pounds lighter thanks to extensive use of aluminum. 220 horsepower, is the second engine is strong - very strong. The result? The constant reminder that the greatest joy is the journey itself. Other 2012 2013 Audi A4 Wagon performance features include a five-speed gearbox Tiptronic, which invites more than 200 dynamic shift program to deliver the impact of five-speed manual transmission, no clutch, and four-link suspension, reducing unsprung weight. Audi is also the core of every performance leaves are five-valve technology, which reduces emissions and increase the pleasure of driving through the line.

Audi A4 Wagon also offers a patented aluminum four-link front suspension with a "virtual steering axis", which keeps things nice and smooth. When it comes to looks, cars, offers a powerful rear end, sleek cut lines, high band and interfaces, which are clearly the Audi A4. Inside, they offer a wood or fiberglass trim and dual-zone air conditioning, ergonomic seats and, of course, the second generation Symphony Stereo, whose sound is unparalleled. 2012 2013 Audi A4 body kit only strengthen these functions. Moreover, one of the accessories Audi, you'll want to take a series of pictures of Audi A4 Wagon and publish them to your friends.

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