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A Short History of The Audi A3

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And began the family and described as a luxury sports car model produced by the German car industry Audi A3, which provides for the car and when you want to first look at Audi Sport and the European market, and production in 1996 could be very suitable for this purpose. Model of golf. They were originally three reasons are the doors that come with the hatchback. Other features worth mentioning are the original Audi A3, transverse-mounted engine is a four-wheel drive and four-cylinder configuration. A3 to stand out from the previous model, it is to use a valve five-cylinder, and the first car of the Audi line.

It was the 1999 model Audi A3 without modification to meet the requirements of new customers. Among the improvements that have been created and, most important of the five-door hatchback is a new 1.8 turbo engine.

Showed the Geneva Motor Show, the second generation Audi A3 since 2003. The new four-cylinder model as a three door hatchback and the first, but after a few months, two door, five-door version is also available with the Cabriolet. The area of ​​the rear compartment to enhance that, to the market in 2004 and features a new grille, real estate, known as the Sportback five-door is, congratulations. Also been called 1.4-liter TFSI engine model "E" as an alternative environment-friendly and reduce emissions of CO2, in 2007, is made of recent modifications in the Audi A3.

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