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Dodge Viper GTS-R by Zakspeed

Saturday, March 10, 2012

 Zakspeed has taken the term "race car for the road" to new lengths by taking a former fully loaded Dodge Viper GTS-R race car and converted it to be street legal. This model has definitely shown its endurance and racing genes in the past. It is the same car that won its class in the 1999 Nurburgring 24h. The transformation was no mean feat by Zakspeed Racing. The racing car had to go through a massive overhaul including:
  • Spoiler cut.
  • Rear diffuser removed.
  • Side channels rebuilt.
  • New tires and wheels (special order).
  • Brake system changed.
  • Hand brake system with CNC-machined caliper carriers installed.
  • Cooling system changed with additional fans installed.
  • Engine peripherals modified,
  • Exhaust system adapted,
  • Electrics and complete light control changed
  • Seats as well as harnesses were renewed and a passenger seat installed
Zakspeed completed the conversion by restoring the former race colors honouring the model's former glory.

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