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Chrysler 300 modification by Ultimate Custom Coach

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chrysler 300 is considered some of the boring. But in the hands of home modifications Ultimate Custom Coach, a car appeared from the United States because it could be energetic clubbing spot.

To make this disco place, Chrysler Custom Coach elongate body 300. Not clear how long the addition of the car.

So that the passenger feels luxurious on-site, Custom Coach puts LCD, mirror on the ceiling, a tiny bar, Alpine stereo system with CD-brand DVD plus MP3 head unit, an integrated iPod speaker and a subwoofer that produces the best sound.

To add an aura of luxury embedded smart control system, power windows, dual air conditioning with auto climate control and anti-theft feature.

Still lacking? There is also a large monitor in the cabin, the laser beam to enliven the party and disco floor.

This limo car using 3600 cc V6 engine. Ultimate Coach Costum apparently was auctioning the car off at the eBay site for U.S. $ 78,500 with berbalur black color combination of gray.

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