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Powered Car Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and not the future anymore. Today, you can convert their cars to run on water for all. Are cars powered by hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the state of Texas, at least four times a day. In the United States as a whole, the figure rose to an average of 36 days.

He is currently working on hydrogen fuel cells, and many of the car, one body, one year. Surprising fact is that some of these changes that may be provided by the owner. A good leader, and also a lot of people buy expensive spare parts, please refer to the need to use a mechanic. They can easily do this yourself. Usually, the result is very good.

Most scientists are now at the expense of our health, burning gas, you agree to the production of air pollution. They also claim that the contaminated water burn stored gas in the atmosphere. Perhaps more seriously, and public opinion, and carbon emissions for to tell me that it is limited exploded in Earth's atmosphere. Puncture these points, and I think it will lead to global warming. It has a serious impact on the environment to enjoy them all.

So, we as individuals for? Besides converting your car to start, and a good driving hydrogen. To create your own how people can learn about cars and hydrogen fuel cells. For less than $ 500, you can convert an existing hybrid vehicles, more than 50% of the cost savings at this time. This is without a negative effect on your car.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars, electric and is located right in the middle of the cell or battery, please use. They're just a good electrolyte that is used by many vehicles that hydrogen fuel cells, but not significantly, proton exchange membrane becomes more common. Hydrogen is stored in a car and a small amount. Added oxygen, the resulting movement. How to convert a car to battery power.

How HHO works exactly how this system? Well, located in the cell or battery lock is used. And is split into hydrogen atoms were introduced in cells to positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. Blanket of carbon gases, hydrogen molecules can penetrate a relatively constant level. Platinum catalyst, dividing the molecule. Converted into positive hydrogen ions and negative electrons. Focusing on electron catalyst contained in the cell nucleus. This will generate electricity that is used to provide locomotive power the car.

Oxygen through the hydrogen cell in the same way. The catalyst and proton exchange membrane, oxygen molecules split in two. They are in contact with hydrogen ions to form water. Water is released from the vehicle through the gas pipeline.

It's really simple. Is it easy to purchase and conversion kits are made with no special expertise. And instructed the guides to get the most suitable for low-cost materials and methods if necessary. Why wait longer? Cell-powered vehicles, hydrogen fuel is as easy as anything. No need to buy an expensive hybrid car, simply does not apply to his car. Gas system without the usual negative impact if you are not satisfied with the results, all requirements can be divided into conversion in a matter of minutes.

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