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GM Rumored to Offer Chevy Cruze with a 50mpg Diesel

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Citing two unnamed people that were briefed earlier this week on GM’s future product plans, the Detroit Free Press reported today that the company is mulling the addition of a diesel engine to the Chevrolet Cruze’s range.
According to the insiders, a diesel version of the Cruze would return a highway fuel economy of around 50mpg rivaling the efficiency of the Toyota Prius hybrid which is rated at 51 mpg (4.6 lt/100 km) in the city and 48mpg (4.9 lt/100 km) on the highway. A diesel Cruze would also help GM meet the more demanding government gas mileage rules.
Since GM has not made any plans official, the company’s spokesman, Tom Wilkinson, declined to make any comment on the issue. There is no word on pricing of course but if it were to be offered in the States, it would likely be more expensive than the $16,525 petrol-powered Cruze, since diesel engines are more expensive to manufacture.
GM has already many modern diesel engines in its portfolio, both from other markets where the Cruze is sold as well as other divisions like Opel.
Until now, GM and most US automakers weren’t convinced that the public would be willing to pay extra for a diesel version of their cars. However, the success of VW’s diesel-engined models like the Golf and Jetta in the US, as well as the higher gas prices, have has made them rethink that approach.


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