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GM Warns Police, but not Civilians, on Defective Impalas

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A class-action suit has been filed against General Motors in Detroit concerning a defect in the suspension rods of more than 400,000 2007-2008MY Chevrolet Impalas that causes premature wear to the rear tires.
The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman from Pennsylvania named Donna Trusky, who wants GM to replace the defective suspension rods on 423,000 Impalas from the 2007-2008MY the company sold over a two-year period.
Trusky said that she bought an Impala in 2008 and the tires wore out in 6,000 miles. Even though the dealer replaced them, he didn’t inform her of the suspension problem. The problem appeared again last November, when Trusky’s Impala wouldn’t pass an annual inspection because of worn tires, even though the car had covered less than 25,000 miles.
The woman is basing her lawsuit on the fact that, in 2008, GM issued a service bulletin for the police version of the Impala concerning the replacement of rear suspension rods, rear-wheel alignment and, if necessary, rear-tires by the dealers. However, civilian owners didn’t get the same notice. If successful, the lawsuit will cost GM millions of dollars.

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