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Jeep from Chrysler Group

Monday, July 18, 2011

The new compact intersection - from the Chrysler Group's Jeep brand is one reason to appreciate a good compass. Month North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2006 show that debuted on the compass, and follow the positive trend of new customers by stealing from competitors today.

Jeep Compass is expected to be suitable for manufacturing, depending on the car, attract more customers to the brand. It is specifically designed to appeal to young drivers and transit enthusiasts from other car makers. The required amount of cold air, banks and other traditional works of Bahrain and Kuwait, the exchange can boast advanced equipment and accessories for cars not - more than enough attention and to sustain that attention.

C. Swint (age 56), Fremont, technology consultant and university lecturer in Ohio, there are few complaints since the 2004 Volkswagen Jetta owned by him. His wife when compressed along the 75 couples who did not feel safe in the living room - I was behind a lot of big trucks truck. In addition, the house was not in the trunk of your golf club is enough room. Sedan and necessary repairs, Swint was when I had to move 45 kilometers to the nearest dealer for Volkswagen. Jetta, please replace the Jeep Compass 2007.

Yes, part of the shares that are exchanged for imports from the U.S. model. Likewise, an American model, when it first appeared last year, a large sharp root thee, that thou or any other pocket has not been close enough. However, compass - known brand newbies domain rock crawling capabilities - the face of hope. Based on model cars, die-hard fan of the pocket and ignored the Jeep brand as a whole, to make users of other brands at a faster pace than one of the worlds most popular tent is too soft.

Compared with 69.9 percent of people who bought the jeep compass, data from JD Power and Associates for the provision of information networks for the first three months of the year which trade in other types of car compass More than 84 percent of buyers said. Cross-Honda Jeep enthusiasts, is to attract, double the amount of pocket for most brands. In addition, young, only you can pass pocket, a crowd of more feminine, gathered fabric.

"This provides a pocket at the first intersection, which is," Tomuribi, senior director of information networks of the experts said. "This is what we want, this is what happens - they get new customers."

Mark Heber, commercial director for adults, according to the unit of DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group and the bag, so far, buyers on average younger, along with models of the Jeep Compass. The data reflect a pocket compass buyers and 39 normal young cousin, brawnier buyers, many women have deviated from the new Jeep Patriot.

JD Power, accounting for more than half of sales increased slightly from 38.6 percent for women all over the Jeep Compass, average age 42 compared with the purchase of the Jeep Compass 43 is determined. "- Patriot and Compass, both high fuel efficiency, driving pleasure, the capacity available to them - our data, the dashboard right decision and proves that our decision to build the car also," said Heber.

Compass Rose Catherine Zamieski October 2005 Chrysler Pacifica Replacement (age 39). In the Patriot and Dodge Caliber, but share the compass platform, the same area and outside looks small enough for the child and his girlfriend Zamieski 3 seats. "And it's less than $ 20,000," he said.

Analysts expect that this reaction has a jeep more and more consumers, he said. Belvidere, sales of the Dodge Caliber and the Compass is built in Illinois, "better than expected" if both "observed," Karl Brauer, Edmunds.com, a Web site and fill the car editorial said. "Everything is image and appearance."

"You did a good job, the best, and it is a shift from one type to another, respond better to do the Wrangler and Liberty, perhaps to attract new buyers, and one of the reasons for the One is," Rebecca Lindland, auto analysts Global Insight said: "It's aggressive attitude was friendly, but for that."

Lindland is to determine what attracts buyers from other brands of hard Compass said. "But the brand has been assigned to this appeal," he said. "We are Jeep, when I say, I am for adults in one do not think you're young, you think an active life .. Without sacrificing comfort for people to enter the brand Something like a compass."

Ronkattsu, Executive Secretary, in the pockets of Dallas Dodge Chrysler sale, car buyers are not meant hip pocket Ssedalishteto, said that the deviation from the women. , He said, "value added", "Honda often I do not see here depend on trade taxes, it will be the first to tell you that the sun belt, It is import to get more difficult in any compass."

Frank prohibition, civil litigation attorney in Houston, bought the original 24-year-old daughter of the compass. "Look at the Corolla and Civic," Ban said. "I've heard through friends came, we saw him fall like a small SUV said the idea that it is a C." Test ban, the daughter agreed between the engine and the driving experience is the best compass. "We do not regret to buy us," he said.

George, Sadooruta (32 years) self-confessed car buyer the right, said he was arrested for a new compass. Six month, Edmunds.com and Horta, please refer to the agency and a number of visitors led to the testing of vehicles like the Honda CR - and V "Subaru Forester," I will stand the agenda, "resident Mason, NH, said.

And fun, looking for more fuel, Tewksbury travel 40 miles to work on computer security, Horta, Massachusetts, and military industries. "The Horta, he said he wanted to frame and good governance were given enough space to fit four 6-inch inside her, but prefer the CR -. V is easy on the way home a four-wheel dirt road that leads to processing, because it has the ability, won compass. "My only complaint is that there are some blind spots" for her $ 23,000 I just bought a compass leather seat, for me, Horta meet every need, saying "you. already

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