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Meaning of name "Jeep"

Monday, July 11, 2011

You, if you do your research on the Internet, there is a large amount of misinformation about how they came to be called a quarter tone, and "pocket." Co-some early GP "general" or "" and stated that you could come from developing countries. He calls some "common purpose" as a 1/4-ton say something. At least part of it, and this is not true, but there is a reality.

Instead the term "pocket" to make sure that when you came into common use can not be the first. Merriam and the Internet - and Webster, and the wheelbase 80 inches, with four-wheel vehicles for a small general purpose used by U.S. troops during World War II and 1/4-ton capacity, and similar "pocket" is larger and more strong United States military vehicles. He added, "but received a pocket in which the words do not describe them.

In the book, Hail to the Jeep! It has been used a thousand Wade Wells, Maj. EP Hogan in his pocket, and periods of ancient history GreaseMonkey type army in the last war and related mechanical shop with all the new cars received by the test, there, "he said in the last few years, but using the power of layers steel 1 / 4 ton certain words where it is easy,. only when applied to vehicles that use certain, and suggests that now, it's hard to say "Often. quotes this passage is the main Hogan. He has written articles in the Review of Supply in 1941. Lieutenant Hogan then wrote two articles in 1941 to review Supply. The first is "wrong", entitled, and the second "quarter of a ton of story" is.

January - published on March 4, in the first article in 1941, not seen as mean, but like the "Bantam" pool "pocket" - Blues "dirt" other names, such as has been observed. Other sources, such as the riff "pocket" called the "Corporation" basket Blitz "and" Lena tells us that jump. "

September and October, "Jeep" and "peek" review of the 1941 quarter tones, such as Supply Hogan. Also attributed to him often can not speak about the origins of the name

Kathryn "Katie" Hillyer, 1941 Mon 2, when I wrote the name on the Washington Daily News, is associated with a "pocket" with the fourth tone to the whole world eventually. Ms. Hillyer was represented by Washington Irving "Red" Hausmann pocket, the cover story was a reporter. Mr. Wade, after the demonstration, and what he called and asked. Mr Hausmann said: "It's a Jeep." The name "Jeep" as soon as permanently mounted on the publication of newspapers in the car ... And maybe less, "Jeep" is a 1/2-ton Dodge armored car, which claims that it is, with exceptions.

Jeep is a registered trademark of Daimler Chrysler. However, "pocket" is a term commonly associated with 1/4-ton World War II, all vehicles (and in some cases, the Dodge command).

The name "Jeep" distortions inherent Horgan and bad Web sites and reference books and more. But he has some other interesting words too.

"Bantam" is one of the prominent features of four-wheel drive when it was adapted and successful. The front axle to adapt the military to regular design features of axle and drive a car or can be dried and used small engine and one shaft, and the implementation of the "pool - Blues" and the result is the largest expected to be much more than that. Strengthened across the country, by all four wheels of a force to be reckoned with - "bug" that is built for maximum mobility - requirements of modern warfare.

Hogan is a supply wire, and reading this, it is the exceptional performance Jeep together, the "new" ideas seem to say that you do not.

Or on the Internet, "pocket" you can find the author of an article by the famous cattle-ray. I have known Ray for a long time to count among my friends, "pocket" Article "How * Jeep got its name .....", Ray tries to clarify the meaning and method in accordance with the Jeep in World War II he.

Ray is an extraordinary man, and this article also much speculation and mostly filled with facts. B 2-1/2 ton - 25 "Baker-bit" and "international semi-Duece" numbness in the United States. Reference Army Air Forces in World War II bombs, to name just two examples. Where it all come? I baker b - did not hear a reference to the 25 that are not true does not mean that you do not have.

Set (also in competition), World War II military vehicles magazine is looking for "Jimmy" during World War II between the 2 1/2-ton GMC truck, or "semi-duece" as knowledge or evidence. As far as I know, there is no proof.

Of course, some already famous Ford GP, car wheelbase 80 inches government survey "P" to "G". But unlike Ray's article "GP" there is no clear evidence together to form a pocket? Now I have to admit that when I camp, I found enough evidence to Dan.

The evidence contained in the Second World War soldiers Motors:

May 1941 (PE, please refer to general purpose!)

"Was seized with GEEPs and housing and a lack of lubrication or institution" distributors "Shaft in 1/4-ton 4X4 Ford," despite the fact that this is due to Euler 40 12 141 including overnight for B GP did not allow enough to penetrate the lubricant through the shaft distributor lubricated and saw assembly 1-14 百 Euler - Euler basis can be viewed directly on the distributor housing 12 124 inches important to remove it. Adhesive tape is removed and felt that the Euler and a sharp needle or a thin sharp line after a long period of oil contains "fish" is to link a small bow at an angle 90 degrees, and saw in the hall. "

Last mouth and eat! !

Issued by the Company TM 1100 and 1101, please consult the 1100 and 1101 TM by TM 10 TM 10 "" 1941 1/4-ton, and maintenance manuals for Ford 4x4 parts list, and saw "a personal copy of your control, please refer to TM 1101 and 1100 TM 10 and 10 in accordance with all. "

GP Ford, and other references, "PE" is called?

In a separate statement that can be connected to the "public" is not so. This is probably old news to some, the Jeep is a common goal? How in the world, and that I must ask you not to believe? Where can I come up with this fashion? All this as soon as contact is the problem of motor vehicles and surveillance? Well, I have some research to some of the documents ahead of time.

Initial specifications for the windshield called shield jeep and driver. Obviously, this is done in order to accelerate the process of getting a car. This category of weapons and put them in the car. In fact it's just a gun in the hands of the committee. It is recommended to address the Board of ammunition after further study.

So this is a common goal and say why. The supply of only buying the same purpose. They form, administration (such as cars like this employee) and tactics (SUV will be one of them) and. In fact, the directory is now 120th Field Artillery, and the rules of military statement quoted 15-850 1941 edition of the car has to offer.

"Category: general purpose vehicles - general cargo, ammunition, trailer towing and heavy for general purposes, including personnel and equipment, in order to adapt to the examples of equipment and other wheeled vehicles, all guns:. Truck cargo trucks and cars and ambulance vehicles . "

"Evaluation, design, development, procurement, maintenance, storage, issue: in the Supply Corps, except for ambulance design and development of cooperation with the forces of medical supplies"

120 in the same book is also "track" is defined. Path is "self-car originally designed for the transport of goods, equipment, and can be used to withdraw or transfer of persons." Is. Also, truck, 1/4-ton, four-wheel drive, and make a list of Ford's plans in 1941. Shows, for us, is the definition of "purpose." This will be displayed showing the general nature of the body that is designed or used car. Maybe the path "of goods, and light repair, reconnaissance, dump trucks, tanks and loading and unloading and the destruction or capture." (Or PE!) The purpose of this pocket is intelligence.

Herbert R. Scum of the "pocket - -1942.1940 Supply Corps, in the absence of a specific pocket of all people, of course, in cases which may have been derived from a common goal, and development and procurement." Vehicle in the classification of the starting point for the management of the war, which has been registered in the 4-1 ton / in the single word "global" (GP). In the early spelling of the word "Corporation" and the fact that reliability is a theory of change. "

Another problem is that I, an opinion "GPW" please see the leap of faith in the sense of action. Documents, it seems clear that "JP", it means, "W" indicates about. He was "logical" as possible, it's still just speculation. It's easy, "Willis", "War Department" or you can stand on "What happened?" For it. Willis and Willis model template geeps. The cycle of war and the conduct of war, because in an effort to create a model and Henry Willis. What happened? Ford was able contracts, and government agencies around the sewing QMC "Dog", so they are cheaper, because the order of 16,000 vehicles and uniforms Willis.

* - The name of my blog or website brand, "pocket" before the mark, and Willis - to apply to vehicles purchased by the U.S. Army during World War II, the land is a term used here before. And owned the trademark "Jeep" by Daimler Chrysler. Please use here only for identification purposes.

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