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VIDEO: AMS Performance’s 1,309WHP Nissan GT-R Completes ¼ Mile in 9.05 Sec!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We’ve seen some insanely modified Nissan GT-R R35s, but Chicago-based tuning house AMS Performance, has really lifted the bar with its newest creation, the ALPHA 12.
The heavily tuned Nissan GT-R ALPHA 12, which is still in the development and testing phase, was placed on a dyno where it produced an incredible 1,309-horsepower and 994 lb-ft (1,384Nm) of peak torque at all four wheels!
The team over at AMS Performance took the real Godzilla over to a local drag strip, and despite the unfavorable conditions (90 degrees track temperature), the ALPHA 12 managed to return a record quarter mile time of 9.052 seconds with a top speed of 166.7mph (268 km/h). The V-box also recorded a 60-130mph time of 3.46 seconds.
The tuning company said that it plans to return to the drag strip under “better track and weather conditions” to further improve the GT-R ALPHA 12’s time.
AMS Performance hasn’t released details and pricing on the ALPHA 12 package, but for comparison, the ALPHA 10 kit that pushes the GT-R’s output to 1,000 horsepower on 93 octane and over 1,100 ponies on race fuel, is priced at $63,995.



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