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2008 Sexy Car Buyer's Guide

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tom Cruise and Katy. Britney and Kevin. "Venus" and "Mars" in a relationship. Like the female and male described by their planetary traits, some things set off fireworks just by their proximity. Take a sultry sports car and a lover of sexy cars for example. That has to generate instant "POW!" A gravitation toward gratification. A lusty thirst for unbridled allure.

When looking at vehicles, we put them in categories that, depending on their characteristics, suggest their dominant qualities. They express their basic usability, capacity for hard work, easy riding comfort and other such mundane but admirable qualifications. But a car that's a hottie -- with its low-slung, sinuous lines, powerful rear haunches, throaty rumble -- has something more. In a word, it's gorgeous.

There's that deliciously intangible, incomparable, sometimes intractable attraction. It can make us weak in the knees, seekers of excess, even inclined to pull out the checkbook with abandon simply for the joy of owning one.

In no uncertain terms these ultimate driving machines attest to the creative inspiration of those designers who have let their hearts and passion rule their heads in the process of creating them. With admiration, appreciation and no small amount of envy, we present ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine's 12th annual Sexy Car Buyer's Guide.

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