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New Subaru Forester 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Subaru Forester Boxer engine with the configuration, and the driving 4WD
Symmetrical All Wheel Drive is more stable when asked to maneuver.

There are 2 options automatic transmission and sport (manual). To our D is very responsive engine performance. Turbo technology plays when stepping on the engine turns at 2000 rpm. Gearshift was smooth from 1 to the upper teeth. There are 4 speed automatic.

If you slide the lever to the right you can raise or lower the gear by moving the lever to position + or -. There are 4 speed, which you definitely can feel the machine working more responsive. And for the suspension, front and rear suspension character capable of reducing uneven and cobblestone streets.

To the front, MacPherson strut Subaru Forester uses that have been adapted to the rally field. Conditions that allow Forester run on tracks rocks and sand. Meanwhile, to use a double wishbone rear suspension.

The technology makes the car feel comfortable. Moreover chassis Forester
using typical chassis Subaru for Rally. Remarkably technology on AWD cars do not seem able to make giddy.

For security, features such as ABS, EBD has become a common feature for Subaru cars, and there is also a pedestrian protection. Plus Dynamics Control System technology that support the Forester's AWD technology.

Both technologies work extremely effectively when a car driving in
winding road. The car was easily passing the road. Pinned to the inside also features 4 point seatbelt and SRS airbags that protect the driver and passengers with a maximum.

What about fuel consumption. Peered into the instrument panel, fuel consumption is very reasonable Subaru Forester with the technology embedded in the engine. The average fuel consumption for which we have reached 1:8.

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