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Legged Sole Mio

Saturday, January 15, 2011

DENPASAR - From the display, especially in the body, the modifications made Subagyo of B Custom of this 2009 Yamaha Mio nothing extreme. But there's one part that could be considered unique, ie the model the single front shock absorbers.

To change from standard to model single, the modifier using the right materials as iron grip and seat shock absorbers. For the front suspension, said Subagyo, he used a pipe thickness of 5 mm and 50 mm wide.

Admitted following the Italian scooter design. In order to look neat, new plates wrapped in a metal plate again, then didempul and neatly painted. Meanwhile, rear shock absorbers changes, not on the edge, but shifted to the middle and use a GM-Suzuki R. Meanwhile, the shock absorbers bottom of the handle is made of pipe diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm) is bolted to the CVT cover.

"But still the standard axle and I was not tempted to because the concept backed racing look," says builder from East Java who now live on the island was.

Let easy, wheels still use the original Mio. However, axles must be regenerated. "Made in turner whose size is slightly larger than the original so strong," explained the father of two children.

Body affairs, Bagyo not like all kinds. Racing-style rear section made using galvanized plate. Meanwhile, the front had a Mio Soul reliable enough that in re-custom.

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