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Hyundai i20 Next Review

Thursday, August 25, 2011

1.4 liters of petrol and diesel 1.4-liter and 1.2-liter gasoline - Hyundai I20 has been sold in the choice of three engines. 1.2-liter DOHC 16 valve petrol engine is lifted directly from inexpensive contemporary I10. It's 79 horsepower (rotation 5200) to 112 nanometers (4000 rotation) of torque is available. Per rotation less sophisticated enough strength and sense of power in the only city. However, the low-end torque delivery is most effective in the review is not necessary for transmission (the first) they have a lot of second gear ready.
Faster performance and impressive, with four people and luggage on board in particular. 1.2-liter gasoline is used only for peaceful town in the best style of leadership. Guiding light, the clutch (especially) the owner of the shifting breeze to make the comments work out of the city and I20. The diesel engine option is the L 1.4. Rail and 89 hp (4000 rpm) and at 220nm (1750-2750 rotational) joint between the output of this unit the most powerful diesel hatchback in India and torque. Fast 1.4 CRDI (diesel compared to the competition) and can do 12.7 seconds from 0 to 100.
Little noticeable turbo lag, it takes longer for some of the city, the delay is less than the Swift diesel. More at 1800rpm, the car (large power) out through the efforts of the torque. 1800 - 4200 rpm range is not particularly useful. Middle class and rapid to maintain high real rates. Diesel is also, revv rotation through 5000 needed to overcome this track in the same gear for your convenience. The overall rate of improvement in diesel fuel, despite the cold, and lost a good bit noisy. Shifter is buttery smooth operation in the 1.2-liter diesel gasoline, the owner of about 1.4, the only reported changes in quality above average.

Looking for a convenient, 1.4 l gasoline engine is only available in four speed automatic, and were satisfied. 1.4-liter gasoline power of 99BHP (5500 RPM), the maximum torque of 136 Nm (4200 RPM). More energy (1.2 or higher gasoline) is noticeable as soon as the owner and the crossing has been reported that the 1.4 liter petrol and an automatic transmission. The automatic transmission is proposed to transform the city and a good choice for Tsuċ­ smooth enough. A typical European car - - Comments ride still acceptable for most road conditions is a steady hand. However, some owners say the back seat, and off-road durability, you can find a big hole and catch out of the I20.
Arrow speedometer climb, enough to improve the compatibility of the highway and ride comfort and ride. Grip levels are predictable, secure, and meet most of the drivers. However, we are Please do not expect a lot of very enthusiastic. Although the death rate, on the steering wheel and light, and feel great in the city. Noticeable body roll under cornering difficult. Satisfactory high-speed stability in different leagues, but the portals in Europe (eg Punt and Fabia etc.). I20 is adept at cruising speed corners. + Brake, especially with the 1.4 engine, disc brakes all around 14 inches (petrol and diesel) were evaluated.

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