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Hyundai Price 2011 Full Review

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hyundai's new sports car was designed in an attractive element to show the modernity and comfort missing in the market before. Looks pretty, but also in the car, not always in style and pride. Hyundai refreshing feel smart and sophisticated performance has only beauty.
Today's hot list

The long-awaited arrival of the new model from the problem of modern times. Accent the last six months of the new models were introduced by their car, and includes a sedan SUV. List of latest Hyundai here in 2011.

Hyundai Accent is the first in the list, this 2011 version is very attractive and, at a reasonable price not to exceed $ 14.918 and $ 9,899 for the Hyundai Accent to be armed with all the online tools and you can do.

Hyundai Azera will be updated again in new ways. This is not just a new coat, but it has a few minor changes in the body become very aerodynamic sound. Price is $ 27.938 for $ 24.216, in particular in the capital, you will see the tremendous popularity of this car.
The Hyundai Elantra was renewed in 2011 with new models, car showrooms, and is rated 4.3 stars. Elantra is also a fan of this show is not shaken by critics for various magazines from more. Star this car in the price of $ 19,145 to $ 14,426 only Utlguet 4.3.

Elan Modern touring tiger is six months late. "Auto" magazine and a four-year star, this person must be more under the category of one of the newcomers. The price is about $ 19.443 for $ 15,539.
Hyundai Equus, which may be the last year, which has made 3.9 star rating reviews Eleven. The invoice price is only $ 60,250 to $ 54,204 depending on it to activate the various functions.

With the arrival of the Hyundai Genesis model in January 2011, the current price of $ 39.824 to $ 30.954 and. This is an average of four stars, with seven points, has been obtained from the most positive rating.

Apart from these different models, some in the market today, you can find a few recruits from. The best part of today's purchase, and you will get the same model as in Europe and the U.S..

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