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Nissan Altima - Over Looked Gem

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nissan Altima is the best on the road today, is one of the midsize sedan for the family of one of the best-selling book of April - and with good reason.
Altima efficiency is a big family car is fun to drive not just the first: The basic model is equipped with four-cylinder 2.5-liter engine that provides superior performance compared to the approximately 6-cylinder. Since gasoline prices began to rise again, at the same time, it's about 25 mpg on is very important to obtain. 3.5-liter V6, rather than giving a big boost and a good job, much less gets about 23 mpg.

Altima sedan more expensive cousins, like many foreigners, INFINI the G37. Coupe has a lot of competition in the Altima, and more beautiful. Overall, a very attractive car.
Altima Coupe performance and safety very well in government crash tests of the sedan, it is good. Child seats are occupied, and if so, smart airbags front and rear in order to determine whether it is isolated. The belt is adjustable to different positions, enhancing comfort.

Reliability of the Altima, has increased steadily since 2001, and reliable results. Consumer Reports, in 2008, giving the history of the reliability of the Altima, engine, engine cooling performance, higher levels of transmission and drive system and electrical systems.

Owner satisfaction and there is not much different from a recommendation from the owner and driver of the car. Results in very high Altima Hybrid and vision is better than non-hybrid version.
You comfortable family car, spacious, very good choice if you're looking for, and Nissan Altima. And lower operating costs and about $ 20,000 starting price that fits your budget and family.

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