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Some Facts About Tigers

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1. Jaguar is the third largest cat in the wild.

2. Jaguar is the largest predator that is present almost exclusively in South America.

3. Jaguar has held the title in the history of many names and is revered by cultures of origin.

4. They have short limbs Jaguar Leopard is more powerful is the exterior. Even if the big cat was discovered, in the case of Jaguar rosette, the largest spot in the middle is a small thick.

5. Completely in black individuals are not affected, and closer inspection, although the coat to reveal a specific pattern, like the Leopard, melanism also occurs with the Tigers.

6. Most of it is dense tropical forest, the habitat consists of the Jaguar big cat, on it and it becomes a predator's foot building, compact and reliable ambush.

7. Jaguar's ecosystem, for many real growth, similar to that of the Tamil Tigers for most of the Jaguar cat animal water activity and water and hunting passion and part of its range.

8. Another attribute that is a formidable force of the scheme shares cousin cat genus Panthera. The Tigers, all cats for Sharp, is considered by some to be the strongest and sharp.

09. Tigers are the strongest from the jaws of a cat, strong and then all land mammals.

10. The great strength of canines and jaw muscles can be adapted to the unique way of killing the Jaguars. It is to chew through his skull in many animals, always kill the list.

11. Versatile predators, frogs, mice, birds, caiman and tapir ranging from deer, fish and animal breed tigers. They play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance.

12. Tigers skilled climber. This ability allows you to capture the monkeys and they are surprised by the victim to safety in case of high water.

13. In many ways, Tiger is the most complete of all cats. Sadly, that number has been reduced to once a wilderness.

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