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Xing Price Today Santoro, Specifications, Features, and Reviews

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten years, in 1999, today a very useful model of car Santoro Named subcontinent, has launched a part of Asia. It is a very convenient way of life because it is available for that price range, this car has been very successful. In particular, India, Malaysia and other Asian regions, for success, and this is production of cars has been improved to account for such a face and still acting. Today announced the second generation of cars in the subcontinent, known also by the name of Sir Santoro Santoro recently. This car is much improved an earlier version of the Saint, we have been producing since 2003.


Engine is not only not delivering enough power, because the car is not designed to withstand the physical hardships of nature, are suitable for city driving "car city", but rugged terrain tactics Xing Santoro of contemporary categories, you may encounter problems. Xing Santoro made a major upgrade with the rest of the system of the engine. Santoro Xing boasts a 1086 cc 12 valve engine now. They provide the optimal energy of 40kW. Epsilon 1.1 eRlx new engine, known for its effectiveness is. Per liter of fuel, the car can run 11 kilometers to 16 kilometers in the urban motorway. If you want to eliminate the inconvenience of changing gears frequently in heavy traffic you can choose the devices or four-speed automatic or five-speed manual car. This car has more torque at 96Nm at 4000 rpm. First, you can also choose to destroy the anti-lock system.

Design and Style

Car body design of this car was the hatchback category. The hatchback body design is the common volume of passengers and cargo. In order to make space in the trunk, you can tilt the rear seat. Appearance is inspired by contemporary artists, the body is more aerodynamic. May include round headlights and chrome. There is now a bright tail lights back. To design this car with ventilated discs front and drums in the rear hatchback restraint. This new car to show the front of the radiator grille prominently, full wheel covers and rear spoiler. The car is now body color bumpers. All of these physical characteristics in order to give the appearance of a new sports car. You can use a large assortment of colors and in the car. Xing Santoro is dark gray, beige silk, crystal white, black, diamond, silver, sophisticated, electric red, fruit is available in red and blue glow.


Engineers, compared with its predecessor, worked to improve the performance of this car. Shorts and short turning radius of wheal reason, you can quickly perform a mission on the road today. Are equipped with wide tires to add to the level of confidence while driving the roads slippery in the rain Lord Santoro, it is to transform the harmful side effects of more roads, can lead to skidding car so.


The interior of this car is gorgeous and looks brown / beige. Center silver finish, we offer convenient storage and retention control air conditioning.

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