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1952 Harley Hummer 125S Photo Gallery

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Harley-Davidson Model 125 was manufactured 1948-1952. It had a strong two-stroke 125cc engine. The U.S. was ready for a dependable and economic mode of transportation after the war, therefore the Harley Model 125 was introduced to fill that need. The Model 125 was a 3 horsepower engine. From 1948-1950 they had a girder type “rubber band” front end. The suspension consisted of five large rubber bands. In www.bestmodifikasimotor.co.cc 1951, the front end was replaced by a more modern conventional hydraulic front end known as the “Tele-Glide”.

Classic Motorcycles - 1952 Harley Hummer 125S

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