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2011 Sporty Lotus Evora

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Sporty Lotus Evora 1Evora S with Sports Pack as standard button on the "sport", which allows the driver to control the gas and the exhaust valve to activate the pass. Sport button also raises the rev limit immediately and change the settings, Dynamic Stability Control will lead to the modification of the whole experience. It is bad-drilled brakes better cooling. And here's a heads up for those who buy into the old adage "you can not tell the sons of men the size of the toys of emotions external Evora S has been improved by a new function of the exhaust gas, which means that the push button on the car sounds so dramatic as it seems.

2011 Sporty Lotus Evora 2
2011 Sporty Lotus Evora 3In addition to the Evora S, Lotus also has the IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift) option. The creation of the seven-time award winning (Who’s Counting? We are!) Evora sees a 6-speed automatic gearbox with Lotus developed transmission control with a 3.5-liter V6 providing 280 hp providing a superior driving automatic experience.

2011 Sporty Lotus Evora 4
2011 Sporty Lotus Evora 5Lotus Evora IPS version allows the driver to switch between the paddle manual and automatic modes of the disc. The driver can also select the “sport” that promotes the sport Lotus driving experience allows the driver to feel really at each shift and be in complete control of the transmission.

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