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Audi Q7 Pickup Truck is the Real Deal

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A little over a month ago, we showed you a photo of a two-door Audi Q7 Pickup Truck, wondering at the same time if the picture was real or the result of some handy digital manipulation.

Earlier this week, Carscoop reader 15 that the Audi Q7 Pickup Truck does indeed exist in real life, and to prove it, he pointed us towards a Facebook page with four photos of the one-off model.

We can’t confirm this, but Majdo-dk wrote that the Q7 Pickup Truck was produced in Slovakia, while the photo album noted that the pictures were taken in VW BA, which we assume stands for Volkswagen Bosnia and Herzegovina. If that's the case, then the Q7 Pickup Truck could be an official project.


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