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Toyota 4Runner Parts - Toyota Replacement Antenna

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When you stop working on your car antenna, it can be frustrating. If you do not know what you have to repair or replace the antenna, that is not easy. If your antenna does not work for Toyota, may hesitate to refer to the mechanic. Why the price, and if there seems to be no way it yourself, you can be pretty steep?

Fortunately for you, it is possible. In this article, especially the Toyota 4Runner, move up the steps to change the antenna for Toyota. Toyota 4Runner parts, can be found in many parts of Toyota's online store. Special tool for replacement antennas available, please require basic household tools only.

First, to evaluate the problem. What exactly is wrong? Your antenna is the strange sound of the Toyota, if you stop to function properly, or you may need to replace it. If your radio does not work, it might not if there are problems with the antenna. If you need to replace the radio you, we recommend that you consult your Toyota 4Runner parts dealer.

If the antenna is found to be a problem, your best way is probably to replace it. Get a new antenna parts and Toyota 4Runner Toyota dealers in the target.

To replace the antenna and the first engine is running, as the radio is turned off, you turn on the runners. Using needle-nose pliers, insert the tip into the slot of the motor antenna mast nut and remove it.

Antenna, turn on the stereo in your car to run a Toyota. While the engine is still running, pull the power antenna mast. To compare the length of the new antenna mast of the old. If they match the length of the mast, and the hole in the antenna, please install the nylon cord from the car stereo. The cable through the power antenna motor assembly.

If possible, the new Toyota antenna length of the mast can replace it, please find. Please contact your local dealer they are part of the Toyota 4Runner if the right length. If it is not, then, you need to remove the hood and fenders to allow full access to the power of the antenna mounting bolts.

After removing the bolt, pull down the power mast antenna kit from the mountain, please press the plastic sleeve. And the power antenna, remove the black plastic cover on the inside of the lid. Remove the nylon cord from the power set of antennas.

When this is complete, you can install a new Toyota antenna. Shop or other support issues of Toyota 4Runner parts dealers to evaluate this issue further, does not work to fix the head. As a last resort, part of the Toyota 4Runner dealer must be able to help you understand what went wrong.

Does not require a trip to the repair shop can replace the antenna. Most problems can be determined by the installation of antennas and buy yourself a new Toyota. This is not to find a dealer only part of the Toyota 4Runner, which means that you must pay the mechanic. Most part of the Toyota 4Runner you can find it online, also find the new Toyota antenna, you may not be required to leave your own home.

Please check that you have someone around if you are not familiar with auto repair. You can remove any you feel might put you at risk, please do not try to adjust. Auto repair is exciting, you can take precautions to protect your safety at all times.

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