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Chevrolet Z71

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review Chevrolet Z71
Made the word "Z71" can be code RPO, especially some off-road package offered by GM, to the buyers. Was the first to use this option on the truck GMT400, which were manufactured between 1987 and 1998. Later, the adoption of the same package of the Chevrolet Blazers, as well as two-door Chevrolet Tahoe.

Chevrolet Z71 package includes four-wheel drive system, automatic locking rear differential, color-coded bumpers and off-road tires, fog lights, and five aluminum wheels and "Z71" badges. As an additional feature not available for a two-wheel drive.
Are constructed Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 for the first time in 1999 and also available for driving on rough roads and terrain versions. Tahoe Z71 This depends on the platform of renewed Silverado pickup. Since 2000, the Z71 is designed with four-speed automatic with overdrive and the original price of $ 38.894. In terms of size, this is the Chevrolet Z71 199.6 inches long, 76.8 inches wide and 72.4 inches and the weight of the Tahoe about 5300 £. Get the look of the SUV, this car uses electricity to help the digital system, which helps to deal with motorists and the electronic transmission control.

Under the hood 0.2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 hosts up to 5.7-liter V8 engine that can produce 255 horsepower at 4600 rpm. In addition, the engine has a bore 4.0 inches with 3.5-inch stroke. Tahoe Z71 2000 uses multi-point fuel injection system and a reservoir capacity of 30 gallons. The consumption of fuel for this car in 2000 after 12 miles per gallon while driving in the city, and only 16 miles per gallon on the highway.
Interior of the 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 feel safe and spacious. Cloth used to cover the inside Tahoe 2000 is the skin. Interior of traditional and include a central locking, front and rear electric windows, Rear window wiper, and the release of the Internet from the trunk and power steering. To improve comfort, and Chevrolet Z71 comes with seat belts, height-adjustable for front and rear seats, and illuminated entry system, power height-adjustable driver and passenger. Additional features that will enhance the inside of the Z71 in 2000 and met the owners of the glove in the cup the front seat, and cruise control standard. It features a recreational area as well as with AM / FM radio that was designed with the CD player and eight speakers.

2000 Chevrolet Z71 defends security measures, and provide a package which includes standard front airbags for driver and passengers. To help the driver to deal with the car, this car comes with four disc brakes with ventilated discs, anti-lock braking system and protect against theft. Furthermore, the Tahoe Z71 uses an extra full-size, fat belly. A direct impact on the tests obtained by the crash Chevrolet Z71 rating four stars.

Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 is a much stronger, broader and more effective than other SUVs. This is the perfect way for each of the five years, and easier to deal with traffic in the city or on the road. Can be found on the car with the fundamental guarantee for three years or 36,000 miles. Nowadays, you can retail these simple car and one for each price range between $ 11,105 and $ 15,453, and if you really want to buy it cost close to $ 12,000 would be sufficient to cover any add-ins that can be to enjoy.

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