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Toyota Chinook Remember? - Little Campers Helped Start This Industry,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

To provide a pickup for use by manufacturers of Toyota's U.S. camp that someone decided to be a good idea. These vehicles were sent to companies such as cab chassis such camps. Has not been installed in the truck bed. Manufacturers of the camp, mounted chassis of a truck and a unit of the private camp. And became the series of the camp known as the House of Toyota Motor Corporation, and the foundation.

Built in the late 1970s, are Less Determined Today.
In the first camp, the smallest of the body is much larger than the original did not pick up. One of the most popular brands of this type of camp at this point, Toyota was called Chinook. This small camp, consisting of fiber glass body and chassis of the vehicle to Toyota. Is usually a plastic roof box and pop.

In the camp, housing is very simple.
Along one side of the body fridge, sink and built in the gallery consists of a propane burner cook in the oven. Collapse is the other side of the camp to a double bed and sofa set. This is the bandage on the ups and other activities, leave the small island. Usually, has been designed Campers Camping cabinet is made of the same substance in the body of fiberglass.

This camp, young people, who want to travel cheaper and more popular than that.
A small pickup combines the body of the camp, travel weekending device is very economical. This model of RV camping just want to fishermen and hunters, and very popular for couples, or they can park in the garage. The camp was built on the pop-up, and will use these vehicles fall in the Gulf of standard car.

There is limited space inside the cabin with the extension of the vehicle roof-ups. This user is able to move without bending. Made limited cooking, clothing, daily activities and sleep of these properties to protect the camp with the warmth of solid fiberglass, but can continue to be a challenge to a long weekend body.The was a short break, and it's perfect.

One of the main difficulties of this camp is the bathroom.
While they are outside the camp, for some people to use the camp as a place to sleep very comfortable, this is not a problem. When used in the field of services, or wild camping in the forest, which is ideal for use in crowded camps, parks, RV, etc., which became a problem immediately. Another disadvantage of this camp is the lack of internal memory.

Is ideal for many people this small camp, is the best camp in the RV market growth is not very.

Traders are demanding more amenities and features that provide comfort and convenience of home while traveling. Types of Chinook attracted Toyota for sale in the camp, the largest RV manufacturers, and began to design more comfortable Toyota motor.

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